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Conjuring Magic💫

The first thing that came to my mind after reading this word was magic. 

But of course, conjure itself has a meaning which implies magic- to make something appear by means of magic.

We all have seen Hermoine conjuring up a flame in a jar to keep the “golden trio” warm. This may seem as a offhand detail in the story but it is beautiful and adorable to see the three little kids huddling together, in the cold windy days, keep each other warm.

Hermoine not just conjours a flame but also a sense of warmth and comfort as the friends try to do everyrhing they can to defeat the evil.

Unlike her we do not possess magic. Right? Think for a moment. Are we really incapable of doing magic?

Is it not magical that no matter however sad we are, our friends always make us smile? Is it not magical that no matter however painful the situations are, our families always find a way to ease our pain? And is it not magical that no matter how cold life is to us, are loved ones always find a way to conjure a flame and give us a sense of warmth and comfort? 

Spring Advent

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